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WeChat Facts and Figures You Need To Know

Created by Herlene Somook, Content Manager at NextStep

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WeChat is a free, social messaging app developed by Tencent first released in 2011 as a way for micro messaging. As of 2016, WeChat officially has 1.1 Billion registered users, and has raised $1.5 Billion year on year profit.

While Facebook rules social media in the international scene, it pales in comparison to Wechat. With features such as free video calls, group chat, shake functions and payment functions, WeChat can be considered as a super app.

If you are a brand who is trying to get into the business scene in China, there is no better way than access it through WeChat. But before you do, check out some facts and figures that you need to know about WeChat.

WeChat Facts and Figures as of 2016

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Herlene Somook is a creative entrepreneur and freelance writer based in Manila, Philippines. A graduate of AB Psychology, she was a Kumon Reading teacher for five years before jumping ship to the Business Process Outsourcing Industry, where she gained experience in Inbound Sales, Technical Support, Outbound Services, Lead Generation and Marketing. Today, she spends her time as Copywriter and Content Manager for NextStep Workshops, and is learning more about Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Blogging. She loves reading bedtime stories to her toddler son.

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