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The Secret to Achieving your Goals 

Eyes on the Prize 

· Newsletter,Five Tips Tuesday

Eyes on the Prize 

In this edition of Five Tips Tuesday, we bring you tips and tricks on how to stick to your goals and find fulfillment and completing them. True, everyone knows what to do, but not all does what they're supposed to. 

1. On Procrastination ---Procrastination, everyone's guilty of it. Doing things at the last minute is a habit that can either make or break us. Tim Urban, a self-confessed procrastinator will surely make you laugh as he shows us what goes on inside the mind of a master procrastinator. Check out the video here

2. Inspiration --- Julia Pimsleur shares three practical tips on how to survive and thrive as an entrepreneur. She believes that businesses grow depending on how good its leaders set goals and how they drive their teams towards that goal. See it here

3. Tips --- Check out how Google Calendar can help make sure you do the things you need to do here

4. Books --- Susie Moore shares with us the five lessons she has learned from reading self-help books. It also comes with recommendations of which books to read if you're feeling low, or if you need inspiration to help you change your perspective. Read it here. 

5. Apps---Train yourself to form better habits with the use of technology. Gizmodo lists 6 apps that can help you change your ways, track your progress and feel good about yourself. See the apps here

Got more to add to our list? We'd love to hear from you!. Take a look at previous issues of Five Tips Tuesday by visiting our blog

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