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Five Tips Tuesday

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Managing teams, no matter how big or small, can be quite challenging especially for new leaders. Today's workforce is made up of several generations, each with different attitude towards work. Because of this, managers also need to learn to get to know each team member to help motivate them to fulfill their full potential.

In this week's Five Tips Tuesday, we talk about tools and resources to help new leaders manage their teams better. Get hustling tips from the world's highest paid comedian, check out the coolest apps to add on to Slack and check out a list of books you can add to your reading list.  

1. Inspiration – Looks like Kevin Hart is having the last laugh. Crowned as the Cash King of Comedy, he made $87.5 Million in earnings last 2016. If you need tips on how to hustle like a pro, see how he does it here.

2. Apps – Slack has become a game changer for teams of all shapes and sizes. This real-time messaging app is now a favorite tool used for communication and collaboration, saving a lot of time and effort for teams everywhere. Slack also enables its users to add other apps, bots and integrations. Here's HubSpot's quick run through of apps that lets you add cool gifs, create simple polls and even create a pool of network out of your team's contacts.

3. Website – is personal development website that will help you improve your career as a leader and manager. Check out articles and their toolkit with tips on stress management, communication skills, decision making, and many more. 

4. Management Tips – Kevin o'Connor, co-founder of DoubleClick and founder and CEO of FindTheBest gives his tips on how to organize and build your team for success. In an article written for Fast Company, he talks about how important it is to empower team members to make decisions and even tips on hiring the right people to add to your team.

5. Books – Business Insider lists ten books you should be reading to help you become a better leader. These books offer practical insights on leading teams and also include non-traditional business reads: novels, psychological research and everything else that you need to prepare you tackle the challenges of managing people.

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