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Seize the day with NextStep

Workshop by Greg Prudhommeaux, Founder at NextStep Workshops

· Workshop,Entrepreneurship

What’s stopping you from starting your dream project?

For some, it’s the fear of failure. For others, it’s the lack of time, finances or resources. What most do not realize is that there’s only one thing that’s stopping you from reaching your goals: you.

Now on its third run, NextStep Workshops founder Greg Prudhommeaux brings you Jumpstart Your Business: How to Launch your Next Project. Here we give you the basics of how to start your next project and help you find ways to make things work. We give you tips on how to focus your resources, time and attention to the things that matters most to help you build your project successfully.

This two-session workshop will be held on October 22 and 23, starting at 9:30 AM till 5:30 PM at Olabs.

For more details and to sign up to this event, click here.

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