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On Persistence and Resilience

An excerpt from Greg Prudhommeaux's blog, GregWasThere 

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Most articles online talk about entrepreneurs as passionate individuals who are persistent and resilient. They seem to come up with the smartest solutions for any trouble that comes their way. We often associate the word entrepreneurs to people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, the Google Guys and Sir Richard Branson, who most think are probably swimming in a pool of money in their yacht somewhere in the Bahamas. Nearly no one talks about the failures they experienced before they got to where they are now, and no one really bothers to ask how much these people sacrificed to be successful. To the public’s eyes, most of them were “overnight successes” that, out of sheer luck and the right connections made it big.

Greg Prudhommeaux talks about the side of entrepreneurship that is mostly hidden from the public on his blog, Here he shares his experience as a first timer in China, how he and fellow entrepreneurs tried to create a community for support before the existence of apps like WeChat. He talks about the challenges of keeping up with the demands of the community, pushing through uncertainty, and how having both persistence and resilience eventually pays off in the end.

In his post, he shared an interesting video by Gary Veynerchuck discussing how overnight success is all a bunch of bleep. 

Here’s an excerpt from Greg’s blog:

And after organising a few dozens of workshops for ~300 students that I had to really go get, and work on the exposure etc… it was not easy and I naturally came to wonder if this was all worth it. But I understood that there was no other way. In order to make it, you kind of have to be among the last ones standing. 

There are no overnight successes.

So, do you need “persistence” or “resilience” ?

Definitely both, you need to always stay afloat and it requires creativity and flexibility. By being resilient I developed other consulting services to answer pain points that were surfacing from the workshops, while still organising the workshops for them.

After the low summer break, coming back with a new line-up of workshops, followers and outsiders commented on my persistence on still being there (with 30 workshops in 6 months). They showed respect. And now, they are looking at us differently.

Persistence brings respect and builds your credibility.

Visit Greg's blog and read more about his thoughts here. 

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