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The digital revolution gave us the power to change the way we do business. With mobile computing and the internet available almost everywhere we go, it has become easier for us to get access to information we need. Marketing is now heavily dependent on social media and entrepreneurs can now run operations with just a few taps on their devices. But despite the speed and manner we do business, somehow we almost always run out of one of the most important commodities of all: time.

At NextStep, we understand how valuable an entrepreneur’s time is. That is why we do our best to come up with solutions that will bring the most value to the business community. We believe that by providing practical workshops, we assist entrepreneurs in setting up and managing their projects well. We are continuously searching for solutions, and we found one through Prodygia, an online platform that creates on-demand solutions which capture, curate and deliver content online to organizations, communities and beyond.

If you missed our workshops last November and December, Roadmap to Success: Strategic Planning for your Business, you can still get premium access to our online library. For added value, those who registered and attended these workshops will get a free on-demand versions, which can be viewed at your convenience. All you have to do is sign up and join our email list, so you could get notified when the videos are ready for viewing. Click on the links below to get directed to the workshop you prefer.

Designing a Tailor-fit Business Model
Determine your Product Market Fit
Maximize your Time and Resources with the 80/20 Principle
Business Planning 101: Simplifying Numbers
Managing Teams and Projects with Trello
Entrepreneur's Essentials: Must Have Tools and Resources

Feel free to check out our page on Prodygia and hear from our founder, Greg Prudhommeaux as he talks about NextStep and the solutions that we offer to entrepreneurs everywhere.

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Herlene Somook is a creative entrepreneur based in Manila, Philippines. A graduate of AB Psychology, she was a Kumon Reading teacher for five years before jumping ship to the Business Process Outsourcing industry. She has been a digital nomad and freelance writer for a little over two years, and enjoys reading bedtime stories to her bouncing toddler.

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