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The purchasing department holds a pivotal role in the success of a business. More than supply sourcing, purchasers are often responsible for controlling company costs. Purchasers must also be knowledgeable in biddings, as well as  maintaining good relations with suppliers and manufacturers.On top of that, purchasers must also be aware of the laws applying to purchasing, which may include contracts, state and federal laws to avoid violations that may put the company in trouble. 

Because of these roles, purchasers must come well-equipped with skills and techniques to help them get the best deals possible. Superb negotiation skills is also a requirement, along with substantial knowledge about what your company needs.


Effective Negotiation Skills for Purchasing

Totuba and its consulting arm Articulate offer in-house training programs, public training courses, public training programs and blended learning solutions (facilitated online learning) in China and across Asia-Pacific. On September 21, 2016, Totuba will be conducting a workshop entitled "Effective Negotiation Skills for Purchasing". This workshop was designed for Purchasing Managers and those who are in constant negotiation for their companies. 

Here you will learn about the primary methods and tools for effective negotiation. You will also know how to establish a formal planning process, how to prioritize objectives and goals, develop effective negotiation strategies and tactical plans, and master persuasion techniquesand other communication styles to ensure closed deals and lasting results. 

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