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How Keyword Research Can Improve Your Content Strategy

Five Tips Tuesday 

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If content marketing is the tool that helps your business grow, keyword research is the backbone that keeps it all together. Keywords are the driving force to your blogs, videos, and other content online. It’s these key words or phrases that lead online searches to you, your blog and your business. With the right use and placement of these key words and phrases in your content and your website, you will be able to reach more audiences around the globe and help more people resolve their concerns with the solutions you offer.

This week on Five Tips Tuesday, we talk about how you can find one word to drive you to greatness this 2017. Find out how you can create killer content through keyword planning and the tools you can use to make it happen.  Learn how you can use Pinterest to grow your business. Learn from FUBU Founder and CEO, Daymond John on why limited funding and resources can actually be advantageous for you as an entrepreneur. And know what to expect these coming weeks if this is your first Chinese New Year in China.

1. Article – If there is one word you can use to motivate yourself to do better, what would it be? gives us tips on how to find that one word that will drive us to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves this year. See what you need to do here.

2. SEO tips – SEO and keyword planning plays a great role in creating killer content for your business. Here’s a list of tools that can help you identify which keywords and related topics you can include when producing your copy. 

3. Events – For first timers in China, here’s all you need to know about how the Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. Learn about the roots of the celebrations as well as some traditions the locals practice during the coming week's festivities. 

4. Social Media – Pinterest has grown as one of the most influential social media platforms alongside Facebook and Twitter. More than sharing recipes and dream wedding boards, did you know that you can also use Pinterest to grow your audience and your business? See some unexpected uses for Pinterest on this list by

5. Books – Daymond John, Founder and CEO of FUBU, knows how it is to start from zero and make it big. In his book, The Power of Broke talks about how starting business on a limited budget can become an entrepreneur’s greatest competitive advantage. Even Gary Vaynerchuck has nothing but good words about this book and how to redefine our concept of what it is to be ‘broke’. Get your copy now on Amazon.

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