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Getting Started: The Launchpad for your Entrepreneurial Project

Workshop Recap by Greg Prudhommeaux, Founder at NextStep Workshops

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Our latest project, "From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur" launched successfully this July with participants who wanted to change their ideas into reality. Four women coming from different industries like trading, consulting and lifestyle services completed the four session workshop with a clearer perspective on how they will proceed on how to turn their great concepts into their next business project.

We are excited to bring you updates about their projects, and we're looking forward to tell you about their experiences soon.

Our discussions were extensive and practical, and we had to cover quite a lot of things. Here is a quick recap of what was covered each session.

Day 01 : Eyes on the ball

  • Pitch Your Idea
  • Why do you want to start this project?
  • What problems are you solving?
  • What is your clients’ pain points? 
  • Do you already have clients?
  • Why haven’t you started yet?
  • How to identify your competitors and learn from them?
  • What should be your positioning (Branding & Pricing)?

-> The fit-to-market

Day 02 : Profitable from the start

  • How to not invest too much too soon?
  • How to get your MVP out and reduce your starting cost? (MVP : Minimum Viable Product / Project)
  • What are your overall costs?
  • How much should you charge for your product / service?
  • How much does it cost you to find a client?

-> The mini-plan

Day 03 : Now, let's do it

  • How to make a website that works in China and does not require specific skills.
  • How to sell your products / services
  • How to build your community (Newsletter, Social Media)

-> The Minimum Viable Platform

Day 04 : Work smarter from the start

  • Why the 80/20 principle will make your life easier?
  • How to manage your project?
  • How to work with freelancers?
  • How to automate most of your communication and others?

->The fast way to growth

NextStep for Entrepreneurs

So, if you are also interested in joining this training, let us know. We will save you a seat in one of our upcoming sessions. Note that we will have several groups during week days as well as during week ends too.

Don't forget to share this workshop with friends who's been itching to get their ideas out there but don't know where to start. Here's the little push they definitely need to launch the project.

We're looking forward to see you there soon!

For inquiries or seat reservations, contact us at

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