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Changing Tastes

Five Tips Tuesday

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Our palates have become more and more sophisticated over time. With access to both international and local treats, our generation may just be the most open to different tastes, if not the most adventurous. The world wide web has played a great deal in how we consume food. In fact, the food industry has been trying to keep up with our demands for great finds. From sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, the food industry is always on the look out for creative ways to bring us food that is hot, fresh, delicious and nutritious.

Changing Tastes, Five Tips Tuesday

In this week's Five Tips Tuesday, we explore the different trends in the food industry and how social media and the internet has changed our taste buds.

1. Article – According to Mintel, premium bottled water market remains strong in China, despite a slowing economy. The tight competition of international and local brands to take the top bill for the market's attention doesn't come as a surprise, but is it really worth the price?

2. Tools Each generation has its own cultures when it comes to food. While restaurants seem to have gotten the tastebuds of Millenials, capturing the attention of Gen Z can also be equally challenging. See some tips on how to keep up with the trends here.

3. Start Up News  Matilda Ho, founder of online farmer's market Yimishiji, wants to raise awareness about the benefits of organic food and get more people to support local farmers. See her inspiring story here.

4. Event  From August to November, Le Royal Meridien Shanghai will be presenting a one-of-a-kind experience for foodies in Shanghai. For the month of September, Ruben Arnanz will grace your palates with dishes based on traditional Castilian cuisine. Check out more details here.

5. Movies  Let's veer away from books for a moment and take a visual tour at the scrumptuous movies of all time. From the hilarious duo's foodie adventure in The Trip, the motley ramen crew of Tampopo, to the magic of love and dessert in Chocolat, and all the cakes and pastries of Marie Antoinette. Prepare to be hungry after this movie binge. 

Got more to add to our list? We'd love to hear from you!. Take a look at previous issues of Five Tips Tuesday by visiting our blog.


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