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Bootstrapping Basics

Five Tips Tuesday

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Starting a business takes more than skill and grit. It takes a lot of planning and strategies to make things happen. One of the most pressing problems of starting is finding ways to fund your ideas. Often, applying for bank loans would be an option for entrepreneurs. But because of the widespread growth of start-ups globally, new ways of raising funds are now available.

In this week’s Five Tips Tuesday, we explore the creativity of entrepreneurs when it comes to bootstrapping. Learn the basics of raising funds. Get a list of tools and apps that you can use for free, and find out about more about books that will help you succeed in building your start-up.

1. Article – When bank loans are no longer an option, entrepreneurs rely on their creativity to fund their projects. Here are some ways for you to raise funds to make your dream project possible.

2. News – Innovation is the product of lacking, and people who experience hardships are all the more creative in getting their needs. As entrepreneurs grow in number, so does the community spread its reach. Here are four off-the-map start-up SEA incubators you might be interested in investing in.

3. Tips – Brenton Tidow, Founder and Managing Director of Abakus Apps, has had his fair share of learning how to fund his start-up. In this article, he shares what he learned on bootstrapping and other skills he developed along the way.

4. Apps – With the help of online tools and mobile apps, you can easily automate some of the processes and give you the time you need to handle what matters most. Here’s a checklist of free apps and tools that saves you time and money while helping boost your business.

5. Books – Starting a business has more downs than ups, but coming in prepared helps ensure your success. Here are five must read books recommended by to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.

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