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Boost your Digital Marketing Strategy with WeChat Expo 

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WeChat has definitely changed the way business is done in China. With its ease of use and the flexibility it offers, WeChat has become more than just a social networking application. With it you can send messages to contacts, share photos with friends, order food, and even use it as a payment method.  Recent studies show that there are about 1.12 billion people registered to WeChat, with 570 Million are active users and 50% of the profiles are between 20 to 29 years old. WeChat is also available in 20 different languages and can be downloaded in 200 countries around the globe. No wonder businesses from all over are looking at its potential to grow their customer range and business using this app.

WeChat Expo and Workshops

Last September 3, 2016, WeChat launched its first mini-exhibition at the Naked Hub in Shanghai, bringing together top experts, consultants, software vendors, marketers and entrepreneurs in a one-day conference called WeChat Expo. It was a unique conference dedicated to all things WeChat to help marketing professionals, business people, and entrepreneurs to make the most of their efforts in China. For only RMB 350, participants get updates about the latest WeChat Marketing trends, network with the leading digital marketers and social media executives and learn from practical workshops from the best China-based practitioners at the forefront of WeChat marketing.  

 Speakers for the event included digital marketing leaders, KOLs, entrepreneurs, and influencers who talked about growing audiences, how to boost your account’s performance, customer conversions, and how to integrate shopping and social media through WeChat. Among the speakers were Sylvain Joandel, Group Director at VELVET, Gabriela Martinez, Founder and Chief Editor at Sie, Thomas Meyer, Co-founder of Mobile Now Group to name a few.

On-demand solutions, Powered by Prodygia

Missed the event? We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Prodygia helps organizations consolidate and deliver their digital content all in one platform, and they are now offering the event’s on-demand version which also has downloadable presentation slides. As an added value, NextStep Workshops is partnering with Prodygia to bring you a special code that gives you 25% off.  Visit their website today and use the code nextstepwechat to take advantage of this offer.

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